$WORTH Whitelist Update

$WORTH Pre-Sale Whitelist Snapshot

Dear Worthpad Community Members,

We are very grateful to the Worthpad community for the trust that you have reposed in us. As of 13 October 2021, $WORTH Pre-Sale whitelist has attracted a total commitment of $14,724,529 from 9,943 investors. Our whitelist is oversubscribed by over 4 times (4x).

We have listed the details of all participants who have successfully whitelisted for $WORTH Pre-Sale on this page. You can search for your whitelisted address by entering first few letters of your BEP-20 address in the search bar.

We have also listed details of 174 community members who have participated in the whitelist but have entered incorrect BSC BEP-20 wallet addresses. We request these members to send an email with correct BSC BEP-20 wallet address to whitelist@worthpad.io from their registered email ID.

We have 7 more days before our whitelist closes. We will be releasing the list of whitelisted addresses today. Final allocation details will be shared on 21 October 2021. We will be send confirmation emails with final allocation amount to all participants who have whitelisted their BEP-20 addresses before the Pre-Sale starts. We will also update this data on our website.

Thank you.

Team Worthpad

$WORTH Pre-Sale Whitelist Snapshot - 13 October 2021